Sunday, August 16, 2009

This may be the 1st post, but not a 1st for many other things...

Welcome to my spot. I thought'd it'd be a decent idea to jot down some of my thoughts every now and then. Now whether you find those thoughts interesting enough to take 10 minutes from your day to read is a different story. Sunday, oh how I love a Sunday. This is my day of RELAXATION. After countless episodes of Bridezilla and Degrassi: The Next Generation (yeah I watch Degrassi, and?), you'd think I'd be sick of these shows. Never. It's my ritual. Every week it's the same Sunday for the most part. Wake up semi-early: that'd be around 9 a.m. for me. I grab something to eat, sit up in the living room with the love and then it's off to the bedroom to slumber away curled up with my shows. We all have them, right? Rituals, I mean. Anyone else have a ritual on a Sunday, or any other day of the week for that matter? Y Angela Marie Y


  1. Hi, I only have 1 ritual, that i do daily, hat is to scream at the wall and look at photographs, while I slowly go sane, in this insane world we live in :D
    Have fun curling up and stay safe

  2. Interesting. Appreciate the response :-)