Thursday, August 20, 2009

Long day...

Today seemed like it wanted to last forever. By the time I got one foot in the door I felt like I wanted to go straight to the bedroom and catch some ZZZzz's. As tempting as it was, I was able to resist. If I went to sleep that early, without a doubt I'd was in the middle of the night. Then what? Spend the rest of the early morning hours trying to go back to sleep to only have to rise but an hour later to start another wonderful day. This whole blog thing, question. I've never had one, or ever really read any. Do I type my thoughts? That's what I imagined, but most of the blogs I've went in to read are about music, fictional stories, or particular subjects. I have yet to read anything personal which is what I would prefer. I've tried searching but I guess I'm doing that wrong because I can't seem to find diddly squat! Urrrrggghhh! Frustrated. Y Angela Marie Y

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  1. greeetings, miss, how ya doin:)
    blogs, I have no idea how blog, sorry i cant help you there, the ones I see, not read, but see spoken about are all stories, long storyz, hell their post reply is like a novel in my head. I dont know if you saw mine, but I feel I am slowly losing it, me mind , i meant. lately just making pictures, I dont know wat to to say either . but im trying to have fun, i hope u r 2